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Enjoy Your Holiday At Lion City

If there is any city that deserves to be visited over and over again, definitely it has to be Singapore. The tourism in Singapore has changed drastically over past several years, making the lion city more vibrant and exciting as a tourist destination. Singapore will surely give the pure essence of Asian culture for tourists all at one place.

This bustling city is a dreamland for millions of travelers seeking the best fun and travelling retreat. Singapore will truly stand out in terms of culture, lifestyle, wildlife, tourists spots and eateries, which in turn flaunts the multi-ethnic facet of island city. But what exactly you have to do at lion city? if you have this question in your mind here is the list with top things to do in Singapore.

Sentosa SingaporeEnjoy the nightlife

 Just like many other cities in the world, night life can be best experienced at city center. If you are a night owl, then lion city has lot to offer. If you love partying all night, there are many clubs and discotheques. Just in case if you like to test your luck then you can indulge in playing If you are interested in the place that offers spectacular view of Singapore then you will be amazed to know that there are many roof top bar where you can enjoy wining, dining and view of the city. In the meantime, you can visit Singapore night safari – first of it’s kind.

Relax at ethnic enclaves

Little India, Chinatown and Arab street Kampong Glam are ethnic district of Singapore. Walking down the street of little India will give you a glimpse of Indian culture – Singapore’s largest immigrant district. Temples are adorned with Hindu gods, local women’s wearing sarees, colorful buildings and the scent of spices and herbs fill in the air. Kampong Glam is a predominant muslim district, this area is completely pleasing and culturally vibrant. The area is filled with textile shops, curry houses and Sultan Mosque. Chinatown will imply the multiculturalism and it’s a chockfull of Buddhist temples and Daoist shrines.

Treat your taste buds

For those who love special meals and love to try variety of cuisines, singapore will accomplish their dream. A true culinary adventure awaits in Singapore, try most delicious food of Singapore at local hawker food stalls and fine dining restaurants.

The shopping options here are various, you will thrilled to know that you will find all international products at affordable price. The Orchard road is best shopping spot in Singapore and if you want to shop with a small budget then Chinatown and little India would be better choice.

Things to do in Sentosa Singapore

Discover The Lion City Singapore

Discover Singapore which is equal to discovering paradise. The Southeast Asian city-state is actually located in the southern tip of Malay Peninsula. Singapore comprises of 63 islands and hence, it is known as Archipelago. The main island Pulau Ujong or Singapore island is the most organized island among others.

Things to do in Sentosa SingaporeSingapore is covered with greeneries and nature reserves under quarter part of the city and the remaining part of city are great to explore. In addition, visitors find a thriving and diverse culture that blends oldest Singapore culture with the most sophisticated modern Singapore.

Since it is geographically located nearer to the equator, the country’s hot and humid climate with rain almost every day is attracted by savvy world travelers. The island nation meeting the need of its visitors with gorgeous accommodations, restaurants, and cultural offerings.

Singapore’s world class entertainment need not to be missed by anyone who visits the country. If you are feeling like stressed with daily routine work then, engage yourself in a luxurious spa by day and party the night away while enjoying Singapore’s famed nightlife at Clarke Quay.

Singapore is rich in its diversity and culture and one can see such rich culture in Little India and Chinatown. Singapore calls itself a “multi-racial society”, because it is home to Chinese, Malays, Eurasians, Indians, and other ethnicities. While you can experience specific cultures in areas like Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam, Katong, and Joo Chiat, you will also find these cultures mixed together in a vibrant way throughout society in everyday life and in spectacular festivals.

Visit the city during Chinese New Year, Christmas in the Tropics, Hari Raya Haji, Hungry Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Thaipusam, Diwali, Pongal, or Harvest Festival is a wonderful way to experience this unique culture. Thus, Singapore is truly a melting pot.

Exploring the fauna and flora of the city is another fantabulous experience as the country is rich with flora and fauna. In addition to that, explore the tourist spots such as Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park to see rich fauna of the island. Explore the entertaining corners of the city such as Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Esplanade, Garden by the Bay, etc. Such entertaining corners are the places for players to enjoy with baccarat online games.

Singapore is full of riches among which most popular is its people. They welcome all visitors with smile and welcome them all to their country. So you can relax, breathe and enjoy the Singapore.

Best Of Singapore Tourism

Destination Tips – Places To Visit In Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. You may have doubt what is more special about visiting Singapore and the answer will be lot of things to explore in every nook and cranny of the country like it is very safe, easy to commute all over the city, lot of attracting hotspots, different delicious foods and a lot more. Let us see some places that you can visit when you reach Singapore.

Best Of Singapore TourismOrchard Road:

Orchard road is a shopper’s paradise and one of the most popular streets in Singapore and it is home to many shopping malls such as ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Ngee Ann City, Far East Plaza, Mandarin Gallery, Paragon Shopping Centre and Plaza Singapura. This is located at the heart of the city and it is reach to there using MRT or buses. Here you can find all sort of things such as electronic goods, clothes, branded goods, furniture, etc. In orchard road other than shopping, you can a lot of entertainment in Maxbet games.


This man-made island is must visit island in Singapore and it is more famous for beaches, theme parks, volleyball games, Butterfly Park and historical monuments.

Singapore Changi village:

Changi Village is located in the north-east part of Singapore which was called as Ghost Village at once.  But now, the Singapore Government Changi Village is renovated in a new way to attract tourists and, is famous for its restaurants and food centers that serve local delicacies, where tourists can enjoy a variety of Singapore delicious cuisines. This place is also famous for its center terminal and ferry terminal, as the country’s airport is located here.

Sisters Island:

If you love adventures, then visit Sisters Island and there are many activities and games available here including snorkel and air diving. If you want to experience something else other than modern city life, you must visit Sisters Island for sure during your Singapore holiday.

China Town:

China Town is the place to find a lot of bargains on goods and, this is the perfect place for shopaholics and hence, they should not miss this spot when they are in Singapore. You can also enjoy a variety of local Chinese delicacies too.

Therefore, include Singapore as one of your holiday destinations when you are planning for overseas trip to make it as a memorable one.

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Choosing The Right Anti-Theft Backpack

When comparing anti-theft backpacks currently on market, think about for what purpose you want to use backpack and based on that you will get an idea to choose the right backpack. Whether you want to carry backpack for college or work or travel, different models of backpacks available.anti-theft backpack with usb charging port review


Obviously, the backpack needs to be functional as well as provide safety. Ask yourself the following questions

  • Does backpack have all necessary compartments you require, and padded laptop sleeves or shoulder straps you need?
  • If it is large size anti-theft backpack, whether it is comfortable to carry?
  • Do, it has capability to carry water bottle and other things for hiking?

These are some of the questions that you will get while buying your backpack, but make sure you think about how versatile your backpack needs to be for the type of travel you are doing.

Construction and Material:

When you want to buy backpack, always look for a sturdy material, but yet light-weight construction. Because, you should not feel your backpack to be heavy before putting anything in it.

You must decide whether you need a water-resistant backpack? If so, make sure you buy a high-quality, water-proof material. Not all the backpacks are water-resistant, so better choose the right backpack.


Decide which size of backpack you require to carry to all your things. If you only need a daypack, then small size backpack is fine. In a small backpack, you are not going to carry all unnecessary things with you. In case you want to overload your backpack, then go for a larger backpack.Cheap anti theft backpacks from here


Check whether the backpack got required straps to carry your things. Also, check for a strong as well as comfortable straps, that doesn’t hurt your shoulders. Check in a larger pack, whether it has padded waist and sternum straps to help with the heavy weight.


The last feature that everyone looks for is style. Check for the color and style, you want. But, don’t give much importance to style rather than safety. When you are buying an anti-theft backpack, give equal importance both to safety and style. There are many websites where you will get a right backpack with offers too. Check this offers to buy a right backpack.


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Top Places To Visit In Singapore

Singapore may be one of the most expensive countries to visit in Southeast Asia, but there are plenty of free things to see and do. It’s small but spectacular. The best time to visit Singapore is between June and August, when the city offers lots of fun filled environment for travelers to explore and make the trip more delightful. If you are interested towards history then Singapore is your right choice.

Singapore has many palaces, forts and museums which describes the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city. Little India was where the Indian community first gathered, Kampong Glam was where the Arab traders first gathered, and the Malay Royalty settled, and Chinatown was where the early Chinese immigrants gathered too. A cultural tour around each location brings you a glimpse of what the early lives of the settlers were like. That’s the culture of Singapore.

Step out to explore the city’s civic District with its huge imposing buildings housing the City Hall, The Parliament House and Supreme Court. Even you can visit Padang Cricket Club if you are a cricket lover. Vacation is incomplete without visiting The Merlion Park.

Dont miss gaming club while travelling to singaporeSingapore is well-known for its online playing websites like Sbobet, etc. which people spend most of their time to enjoy playing different games.

The park was initially designed as an emblem of The Singapore Tourism Board. The Tiger Sky Tower is worth a visit for it’s amazing view as it is a Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom.

Do not forget to visit Asia’s only Hollywood theme park Universal Studios and lose yourself in the world of Movies. It takes you on a journey through Some Hollywood Movies like Jurassic Park, Revenge of Mummy, Transformers and much more.

The Orchard Road, the Little India and Chinatown Market are popular shopping centers in Singapore. They consist of precious arts and historical equipment’s which takes us back to the Singapore’s past and traditions. lively markets, shopping malls and endless of street-side sellers offer everything imaginable at affordable rates.Singapore - Preferred Destination for online gaming

Singapore is well known for its nature you might have heard of Singapore as a Garden City it’s just because we can find trees everywhere we come across in the city. If you are a nature lover, then Botanic Garden is a must Place to visit. Singapore is considered as a food heaven for many, you get to taste the food of different cultures since different culture people reside in the Singapore.

malaysia travel and tours

Explore Amazing Attractions Of Malaysia

Malaysia can be known as a place that provide the experience of the diversity of all Asian culture in a single place. One of the World’s great cultural melting pots, Malaysia is a place where Chinese Joss houses, Hindu temples and mosques push themselves for the space with towering skyscrapers.

Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur resembles a crystal garden that has grown miraculously. Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant city where you can come across with ancient temples, shopping malls etc. Travelling to Malacca is very easy by Kuala Lumpur. The city consists of well-preserved old buildings. It has Chinese, Indian and Dutch colonial who focuses on sea trade routes. This old town has a museum and theme parks and large night markets. At night Trishaw’s attract the tourist in huge number.

malaysia travel and toursPenang comprises of Penang island, with beach side resorts as well as a section of the main land a bridge connects the two. We can see a historical George-town and it is a major tourist spot. There is loads to keep you busy at Penang. The snake temple, butterfly park, bug park, shopping malls and a National park. Walk across the Langkawi skybridge, the bridge culminates at a peak of Mount Mat Cinchang, which offers a stunning view.

Legoland is a must visit place. Legoland is a theme park in Malaysia, the park isn’t huge but its fantastic. Mini world is at the center of the legoland, it represents buildings and cities in Asia.

Genting Highlands is an entertainment paradise with a hill resort, hotels where you enjoy playing games in online website like , theme parks, museums. There are plenty of attractions to see like Snow world and Sky venture.

Malaysia’s national parks and wildlife reserves are well organized and well looked after. There are islands and tropical resorts such as Langkawi, Tioman and Perhentian islands are famous sparkling sand and scuba diving. Malaysia’s dive sites rank best in the world.

You will find excellent food to taste, various cuisines like Indian, Chinese and Malays. Laksa, Rojak, Cendol are some of the famous dishes of all the time. Public transportation like bus and taxis are found everywhere in the city so getting around is not so difficult. Major places offer buses for transportation which is cheaper.


Top 5 Reasons Why Staycation Is the New Travel Destination

Picture me this – you want to experience something new but you either don’t want the hassle of packing so much stuff or it doesn’t fit your budget. Why not do a staycation instead?

Here are the top 5 reasons why staycation is becoming quite popular nowadays:

Budget Friendly

You won’t need to spend money on flight and visa costs as well as expensive hotel accommodations. The saved budget can be spent on other good stuff that you might come across during your staycation. This is practically a great option if you have family joining you.

Easy Planning

Remember those pre-booking requirements for hotels and flights? With a staycation, you can leave home at your convenience and book into your chosen hotel.

Additional points also go to staycation for families who will be traveling with children. The short travel distance makes children less fussy and parents less frazzled.

New Experience

Each hotel guarantees a different experience for its guests particularly first-time visitors. They are most often well-equipped with facilities that you normally wouldn’t consider trying out.

It might just be a pool or a spa facility, but it would still be worth it since you won’t be rushed at the end of the day. For guests with kids, most hotels have in-house entertainment to keep them occupied.

A Unique Gift

Staycations have been considered unique (and perfect) gifts. If a special occasion is coming up for any member of the family, a staycation helps make the occasion more memorable.

Imagine yourself and your partner taking the time off for just the weekend to celebrate your anniversary. You get to spend some quality time in a different setting.

Your Home Is Just Within Reach

Is it the weekend and you need to be at work early the next day? Don’t worry! With a staycation, you can check out late in the day and be home by night time.

A good night’s sleep would be all you need to be ready and prepped for work the next day. No need to request for additional time off just because you got tired from a long travel time.

Have we convinced you to do a staycation? Why not visit us at Schau Mal and let us show you how much fun a staycation can be.


5 Useful Tips to Enjoy A Hotel Stay

No matter where we are or what we do, there is always that one instance where one would require to stay in a hotel. It may be for a business convention or a vacation.

Let’s face it, no two hotels, sadly, are the same even if they are run by the same hotel group of companies.

Are you planning to take a trip and book into a hotel during your stay? Here are 5 useful tips to help you enjoy your hotel stay:

Research and Booking

Take the time to research about hotel accommodations that would meet your requirements. Ask yourself questions like:

Is it within your budget range?

What types of facilities are you hoping to take advantage of while booked?

Can they accommodate the number of persons in your party? If you are traveling with kids – can they keep the kids entertained?

What sort of reviews have they been getting from their guests?

Once all of these questions have been answered and you have identified the hotel, make a direct booking with the hotel. More often than not, direct bookings can provide you with better rates and packages.

Booking Confirmation Follow-Up

If you made any requests at the time of booking, call the hotel’s front desk to confirm that your request will be met before the check-in date. You can also send them an email if you prefer the confirmation to be in writing.

Doing a follow-up booking confirmation will help you avoid any last-minute issues. The last thing you’d want is to arrive at the hotel only to find out from the front desk that they didn’t expect you to arrive until the day after.

Inspect Before You Unpack

Once you are checked in, inspect the room for cleanliness and that everything is in working order before you begin unpacking. If you find anything that doesn’t pass your inspection, immediately call the hotel’s front desk to have the matter resolved.

Treat Everyone with Kindness

As a child, we were constantly reminded that kindness goes a long way. This holds true with the way you treat the hotel staff. You’ll see that they are more accommodating and helpful to guests who treat them as an equal.

Pre-Check Out Preparedness

Have everything packed and ready to go at least the night before you will be checking out of the hotel. Only leave out the essentials that you’ll be needing at least 1-2 hours before you check out but keep them in just one area. This can help prevent leaving behind important stuff.

If possible, ask the front desk for a copy of your hotel bill so everything goes smoothly upon check-out. Do a final sweep of your room before leaving to be sure that you didn’t leave any of your things behind.

Overall, staying in a hotel during your travels can be a wonderful experience. You just need to know how to maximize the potential.


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